I hope you had a good week, I had a good week. So it’d be a real downer if you did and I’m all jolly and stuff.

I hope this comic raises some very important questions about the birthing of baby unicorns. I guess they just grew them post birth maybe?

It took me a while to draw this comic. It’s been mulling at the back of my mind since May. Kristof even thought he’d be helpful and show me what it should look like…

Kristof Unicorn Drawing

As you can see nothing really changed from his sketch and the final product. Apart from the vomiting? Is that unicorn on the left yelling? Or vomiting? I can’t tell. Or is his horn protruding from the back of his throat. Also I decided to swap out the gourd that’s crushing the stick man in the center of the panel with a unicorn, which makes a lot more sense.

↓ Transcript
"Unicorn Birthing Complications"

Perhaps draw a unicorn maybe?