But we’re still special, because our minds are made of meat, right? Right?

Golems kind of fascinate me – they’re very similar to robots in a lot of ways but were conceived millennia ago in Jewish mythology. I guess the idea of creating life in our image has been around for quite some time. We really, really want the novelty and power trip of playing God but we’d rather that came responsibility free. And while clay men with scrolls in their heads won’t be an issue for us in this particular timeline, we are well on the way to developing something scarily similar. To be honest, I hope I’m alive to see the transition of AI to self/personhood. It will be a tumultuous, terrifying time and unlike any other era that’s come before. We will have finally succeeded crafting a new genesis and then have to deal with the fact that our children are all grown up – and don’t need us any more.

↓ Transcript
A riot scene. Protesters on each side - one group humans, one golems, complete with pickets - surging toward each other like opposing waves. A thin double line of guards separates them. The focus is drawn to two protesters in the centre, one human, one golem.
“You think you’re a real person? You just think whatever’s on the script in your head!”
“Yes. And who writes the script in your head?”