I love writing wordless vocalisations. It’s a weird thing to get a kick out of but there you have it. Making up new words has a similar appeal, though it’s much harder to do and doesn’t quite have the same thrill of primal creation.

I have a plan to keep adding more and more of them into my comics until each strip relies exclusively on pictures and expressive non-words. If Becky and Izak find out they’ll probably revoke my writing privileges though (they’re great people but don’t always understand true art) so let’s keep this as our little secret.

↓ Transcript
Speech bubble comes from inside a blazing house. A fire truck has pulled up outside and a handful of firemen are about to enter the building.
“Listen up people, we’ve got fire retardant materials inbound; keep your head down and you should be fine.”

As a fireman walks through a blazing interior doorway a flame licks out and along his flame retardant jacket. The anthropomorphised flame looks like it’s just received a powerful electric current to its frontal lobe. “WAAAHLLLGGG”

A nearby flame is devastated. “Jimmy? Noooooo!”
Jimmy now has that vaguely sad and lost look of the mentally retarded.