Edwin always got away with things. He started out a basically good calf at heart but after discovering that he could do whatever he liked without fear of repercussion or reproach, he slowly turned into an unmitigated asshole. And no one really seemed to mind. It would be nice to say that Edwin was acting out simply because of his distinct lack of human interaction, with all the potential loneliness and social issues that could spring from that, but I’m sorry to say that Edwin was living an entirely happy life, content with being a giant douchebag.

↓ Transcript
An elephant is rampaging through a posh cocktail party. It has wreaked havoc and has impaled one person on its tusk and is crushing another underfoot.
Impaled person: "The old ticker's giving me a bit of grief."
Crushed person: "I say, I've got a bit of a gippy tummy."
Caption: Despite his rowdy nature, no one thought it polite to mention Edwin's presence.