What is up with how green they make energy drinks? It already reminds me enough of battery acid as it is without being atomic radioactive green. Like, who does that appeal to?

In other news I started playing Pokemon Go again. I know, I know, just weeks ago I saw one of my friends mates playing it and instantly asked why the fuck was he still playing it. But you know, now with Pokemon Lets Go Evee!¬†coming out, PLUS Alolan forms, PLUS trading, PLUS missions and a ton of other stuff that should have been in Pokemon Go from launch it’s actually a pretty decent game now. I think a lot of us stopped playing Pokemon Go due to the repetition and lack of anything to really do. But I think with the addition of the new field tasks and mythic research there’s a clear goal at all times.

I didn’t expect to be into all the new generation Pokemon, but I think I’m converted now. I was a solid 151 guy, with the exception of any of the gen 2 pokemon I remembered seeing a lot of on Gold on my Gameboy Pocket. It’s gotten to the point where I’m a little disappointed to see one of the originals, and actually surprised if I see a Zubat or a Pidgey. They used to totally infest Auckland.

The Pokemon Go that was released was about 25% of a game. I reckon it’s about 50% now. I’ll give it the other 50 when it adds 1v1 trainer battles, or a CP revamp of some kind.

But anyway, if you want to get some Alolan eggs from New Zealand, add me as a friend! I’ll send you gifts.¬†3699 9701 2992