My good mate Ben will sometimes message me with deep philosophical questions and quandaries while he’s waiting for his stuff to compile (it’s a graphics programming thing, if you push me any further you’ll discover a vast ignorance). The other day we were chatting about the inevitable end of the universe, as it’s currently understood. Essentially everything will drift further and further apart from everything else, leaving little but barren expanse. While there will be no consciousness present to feel lonely, it’s still kind of a… desolate thought. Things will end not in fire or ice, or even with a whimper. Just endless and irrevocable isolation. Of course, that’s all a long, long ways away. In the meantime, we all have our own small isolations to live with.

On a different note, Izak, Becky and I went to the book launch for Rufus Marigold by Ross Murray last night, and it was fucking awesome. We all met Ross a couple years ago at a zinefest – this guy is an ultra-talented artist and a really engaging, honest storyteller. I’ve been following Rufus Marigold as a webcomic for quite a while now, and it’s incredible to see this story of an “everyman” chimp with social anxiety get its well deserved print run. Check out Ross Murray’s shop to see his amazing work, and pick yourself up a copy of Rufus. I promise you, it’s well bloody worth it.

Izak Note: I was attempting to use the 2cm gap between the table and Kristof’s crotch to wedge myself to the front of the line. Kristof was not pleased.

↓ Transcript
They say the universe is always expanding
which explains a lot
but not why you had to drift away.