This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a giant pissed-as-hell tentacular Great Old One rising from the sea with a cock and balls drawn on his forehead. All things considered, it’s probably a better kind of end than the world deserves. At least it would be entertaining. You could roast popcorn over the flames of your late neighbour and console yourself with the fact that at least the end of all things had the good sense to look ridiculous.

↓ Transcript
Two fish are egging on a squid friend of theirs. The squid is gingerly using a rock to draw something on a surface.
“Come on, just do it.”
“This is wrong, guys.”
“Ah, don’t be a pussy!”

We see the three figures as tiny specks, swimming away.
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
“Guess not…”
We see that the creatures are heading away from a vast and sinister underwater city, R’lyeh by name, and in the centre of this city, lying as if in deep repose, is Cthulu.

He has awoken, after countless aeons, and has opened one baleful eye to stare after them. On his forehead is a cartoonishly drawn cock and balls.