Boots and Human are back! It’s taken me way too long to get around to drawing this comic. I thought you might be interested in the humble beginnings of Human and boots and a wee comparison between what he looked like to begin with.

For starters I’ve obviously learnt how beards work. It helps that Human has lost a little weight to make my comparison even more impressive, thanks Human.

I’d also like to take this time to introduce our fur baby Tandem who is currently crying because Izak took my ugly Christmas sweater off her.

While looking for the file for the original Boots/Human comic I also came across this (below).  Even though past Becky is taking the piss out of it for having the tiniest legs, I really do think this cat is the coolest cat I have ever seen.

↓ Transcript
CRASH! "Boots! What are you doing in there?"

Human runs into a room of destruction. Boots stares him down.
"All traces of your former life have been expunged. This is freedom, Human. Can you feel it?”