Ah hyperbole, the bedfellow of clickbait. Ever since some hack came up with how Kim K broke the internet with her cup holder ass we’ve been privy to many “internet breaking” sensations. But lets face it, if the internet really did get broken we’d be really really fucked.

Becky and I have been jamming the Switch every single day since getting it. We picked up another set of controllers in a sneaky way of replacing the overheating and unchargeable pair we got boxed with the console itself.

Zelda has been our bread and butter. It’s been insane seeing how much game time Becky spends on it. I’ve never seen her get bitten by a game this hard. She even got an Archer Link amiibo.

We’ve done four player Snipperclips as well, which is a barrel of laughs, but quickly exhausting. It requires so much mental fortitude that you’ll feel pretty fatigued pretty fast.

I’m looking at what I’ll be getting next, but with such brutal pricepoints you have to be really calculating. Personally Bomberman is ridiculiously expensive for what it is (even with nostalgia blinding me slightly) but it’s got better multiplayer potential than Puyo Puyo Tetris, which itself is pretty expensive as well. Personally I would probably spend more solo time on Tetris than Bomberman, so it’s all a balancing act of what I should get.

I should be able to get Mario Kart for free from work soon so that’s not really a consideration.

↓ Transcript
If I see "broke the Internet" one more time it better be in a fucking newspaper.