When my boss reads this, rest assured that it’s only partially based on you. The sequence of panels where you give me a raise cause you’re so awesome, that’s all you, man.

If you’re a colour person who likes colour stuff then here’s where you can find today’s palette. I use Coolors.co a lot. It’s a super handy resource! Occasionally I’ve used it to pick all my colours for me just to see what I can do with the range. Becky uses it all the time as well.

IZS had it’s first big hit among the imgur community a week or so ago thanks to some kind stranger. It turns out my BDSM strip was actually any good. I’d just like to straight up say thankyou to people who have shared the comic since and have linked back here. You guys are the real MVP’s.

Also to the people asking why she has fucked up legs. I’m going for this real specific look called the “I can’t draw” style.

↓ Transcript
Bosses Doing Real Life Stuff

I want results, not excuses Brandon.

I guarantee, If you give me my shopping for free it'll look REAL good on your portfolio.

I guarantee you, it won't.

Boston? You do this? This is coming out of your salary.

I'm going to be in a power meeting for quite some time.
Don't wait up.