See, sometimes Izak Smells can be romantic! We don’t always have to take it to the darkest place possible, unlike some early versions of this particular tale. Google “how did the prince really wake Sleeping Beauty” to find out just how bizarrely messed up these old stories could get. You may recognise our somewhat oblivious prince from our take on the glass slipper saga.

↓ Transcript
A prince kisses Sleeping Beauty.

She’s still asleep. The prince looms ominously above her.
“Nothing? Fine then. Time to get serious.”

The prince and Sleeping Beauty sit at a lavishly appointed table. Candles, roses, the lot. The prince leans forward, attempting to romantically feed her a morsel of food, but really he’s smushing it against her half-open, drooling and very much unconscious mouth. The prince’s butler, who seems to be acting as a waiter, is a touch perturbed.
“Your grace…”
“Not now, Willikins. We’re having a moment.”