Honestly this needs to be a thing. I’ve seriously considered buying a blanket for our bed that’s oversized, just so we can luxuriate in as much blanket as we wanted without disturbing each other.

I’ve been playing a lot of Warframe recently, in fact it’s sort of taken over as my main game of choice. Seeing the new Destiny DLC at first excited me. Then after I saw the price point and the reticence from my friends to continue investing in it, I began to reconsider my continued following of the game. I genuinely enjoy Destiny 2, perhaps more than most. I never played D1, and I don’t know what I’m missing. I hear of the halcyon days of The Taken King, and I see the deep seated salt from veterans and I don’t understand it. There’s nothing wrong with Destiny, it’s a solid shooter with amazing visuals. It does however have a boring as fuck loot pool, with a leveling progression that can’t be sustained in the way that Bungie would want it to be.

I think that may be the hardest thing to explain to Destiny fans about Warframe. The loot pool isn’t about climbing to the top, it’s about horizontal progression, although this point is usually obfuscated by the fact that you need to grind loot to make the weapon blueprint you’ve found or bought. The starting frame you get can probably carry you through most of the game.

Warframe is sort of like what Destiny was always promised to be back in the day. Where the shit you earned five years ago will still be relevant today, instead of getting wiped out every couple years by the next version of the game. I played Warframe back when it first came out on Steam and it was absolute trash. I played it for a couple hours and dropped it. Coming back to it now feels like it’s a brand new version of the game I played years ago, but all my loot was sitting there waiting for me to pick it all up again. It’s strange to say but it’s a game I look forward to dropping occasionally and coming back to on a regular basis, The way Destiny should have been.