It’s all but inevitable that our incessant tinkering with tech will produce something we didn’t quite intend – smart people who know a lot about AI are warning us to put the brakes on. We won’t though. Good ole humans only stop poking the snake when it bites.

So next time you’re running late and are tempted to shoot through that red light, just think: is it really worth incurring the wrath of your future overlords?

NB: If we taught this kind of road safety message in schools, intersections would get a whole lot safer. Just sayin’.

↓ Transcript
Two advanced looking soldier robots have burst through the door of a house, outlined dramatically against the light from outside. Bits of wood from the obliterated door are still flying.
“Belinda Palmer, you have been found guilty of disrespecting the ancestors. The sentence-”

“-is self-evident.”
The robot who pronounces the sentence raises a cannon arm and blows Belinda, who was sitting in the comfort of her own home with her husband and child, to pieces.

The remaining Palmers are, obviously, shocked and horrified. Bits of Belinda are everywhere.
The other robot is ostensibly the good cop in this routine.
“Sir. Dwarf-thing. Your loss is noted. But she should not have run that red light.”