Hey man, I’m not saying anything Allan Moore didn’t already say thirty years ago.

There’s been a massive wedge driven between the left and the right (in America at least) in the last couple years, and it’s one of the things that sits on my mind the most. I know it’s no one persons fault, there are so many contributing factors. But I think individually we can start make moves to get closer to one another again. Barry just needs to get the powder kegs ready. I’m trying to convince him to not send a warning note to Bernie Sanders to not go into work on Tuesday but he’s pretty adamant that Bernie is pretty rad.

Am I on that watchlist yet?

P.s. I drew this before all this government shutdown business going down right now. Come back next week for more comics from the oracle.

↓ Transcript
Lefty! Righty!
Calm yourselves down.

Why don't you find something in common.

Like being able to sit around a bonfire.

Made of your own government.