Kristof isn’t here to do the write-up for this one, He’s in a play at the moment for A Christmas Carol. I’m not seeing it. Because it’s got ghosts in it, and at this time of year the only ghost I want in my life is the Holy one.

The office at work is winding down for Christmas and everything’s taking a more relaxed pace. While half the planet is enjoying “ring jing jingaling” and snow Auckland is getting rolling heat, thunderstorms, and rain which helps cool everything down a little.

That hasn’t stopped me from locking myself away with Elite Dangerous again though. The latest update has added a swathe of stuff, making mining and exploration (by all accounts) legitimately fun. I was so reinvigorated by the whole thing I bought Becky a copy off Steam. Hopefully she can get a hang of flying…

↓ Transcript
There once was a boy who loved lying
And Saint Nick had coal for his stocking
But Krampus came first and with devilish thirst
Drank up all his blood, now he’s dying