I had to duck out of reviewing The Accountant but fortunately Matt our resident professional with an opinion graciously still went without me and reported back with what he saw.

So you saw Clerks 3 last night?

Yeah man.

Any good?

So fucking good.

Haha, in terms of movieness where does it sit on a scale of John Wick to Jason Bourne?

I’ve not seen John Wick but I’d say in the middle from what I’ve heard. It actually felt like a comic book story. Vigilante justice type of thing.

It looked like a real dude movie, what did your girlfriend think of it?

She enjoyed it. The main dude did a great job at portraying the character with his high functioning autism. They could have cheesed it a lot more with the whole “haha look he doesn’t get social interaction”. They did it a few times but it felt like natural interaction.

Anna Kendrick was a bit of an oddity though. She wasn’t actually in it a heck of a lot but she was the only “regular” person in the whole movie and she stuck out for that reason. Everyone else was either a criminal or a crime fighter pretty much.

So they treated his autism with more respect than “it is my greatest gift… But also my biggest burden.”

Yeah it was just who he was pretty much. Not something to “overcome”. There’s a bunch of twists too.

Cool so you were kept guessing through the entire film?

Not that so much. More like you’re following along quite happily and then it’s like “Oh btw, this.” And you’re like “Oh right!”


An accountant deciding whether to kill two regular old people

Was there anything you got out of it that you weren’t expecting? Aka that time everyone was surprised by all the gore in Kick Ass.

I wasn’t really expecting him to kill so many people. It seemed like it was gonna be an “on the run” type of movie you know? But they go after him once, and then he’s like “shit they’re going to go after girl-I-sorta-connected-with” And then is like “Well I’m gonna go fuck em up now”.

He’s got a thing about “having to finish a task”. Comes up a few times.

It’s his burden.

“But also his greatest strength”.

A picture portraying the arousal and sexual tension of both actors.

Any critiques or nitpicks?

Anna Kendrick really did feel out of place, but that might have been on purpose. The “romantic connection” was a little clunky.

Would you recommend I go see it?

Hecks yeah.

How were the aisle lights?

Sufficiently dim!