We just got back from the local Sony office after a one hour hands on, headset on demo of Sony VR. Prior to this my only experience with VR was the Gear VR, which frankly looked like garbage and sat uncomfortably on your head.

The Sony VR on the other hand was quite comfortable with a massive ridged band that wraps around your head, and a ton of adjustments that gets the whole thing snug on your face.

We got to try Driveclub with VR on, as well as an early version of Arkham VR, which is presumably a less polished version of what people will get to try out at the upcoming armageddon.


The steering wheel has feedback, so it’ll fight you a bit for control, but the seat doesn’t. They have to always assure people that the seat doesn’t because when you crash you literally throw yourself around it feels so real. If you’re a car game fan then this will completely enhance your experience to another level.

I’m lucky to be pretty ok with VR, and was able to take my glasses off and play for an extended time without getting queasy. I’ve found that games that force you to thrash your head around a lot are the ones that make you feel disgusting eventually. My cohort kept his glasses on, and they weren’t uncomfortably smooshed against his face, which will be a lifesaver for a decent chunk of the population.


It doesn’t have built in headphones so you have to have a separate pair to chuck on. But with surround sound 3D it really completes the experience. Oh and don’t worry the headphones fit just fine.

The resolution was acceptable. Peripheral vision is still a bit fuzzy, but when you’re in the thick of the action it’s not something you’re bothered by.

There’s no point going into the software at this point, but if you’re at Armageddon you should definitely give it a whirl if you can!