“Big Riding”, once limited to your mum has now gone mainstream with the Modobag, a travel bag that doubles as a mini go-kart. Never again will weary travelers need to set their holy feet upon the ground of airport terminals after a long 12 hour flight again!

Bags never made sense till now. They're designed to carry things, why should we carry them? They should carry us! Now they do. Or at least this particular one does, not all the others retroactively.

The Modobag has a max speed of 13km/h and handily has a running time of an hour, which makes figuring out its max range pretty simple. A quick 15 minute charge brings it back up to 80% power, but a full hour is required if you want to get it up that extra 20%.

The bag itself weighs 8.6kgs, which means that if you want to bring this thing onto a plane as hand luggage you'll already be 1.6kgs overweight, so I hope you weren't planning on putting anything in it.

Two pegs pop out the bottom as foot rests while you're riding, and controls are confined to a telescoping set of handlebars. The max weight limit of bag riders is 117kg.


The front of the Modobag also has two Dual 5V USB plugs, so you can keep your phone juiced at all times. It also features an extendable handle if you want to be boring and pull it around like a normal person.

Since nothing is complete without an app, the Modobag has its own dedicated app with features including a proximity alert, bag tracking and… actually that appears to be it, really.

Initial inspection of the coolness factor of bag riders is the lowest we've seen since Google Glass. However there does seem to be a certain novelty factor that makes me want to hijack someone's luggage for a quick joyride.