Nerve is an adrenaline packed movie about being young, stepping outside your limits, and having fun without getting killed.

The film follows 17 year old Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) who has spent most of her life being safe. However,  in an exciting plot development she decides to grab life by the balls and join an online game surprisingly called “Nerve”.

The game is essentially live streamed Truth or Dare, except it’s all dares. Players are bribed with money placed by watchers, and dropping out of the game means that you lose the entire pot you’ve accrued. Suffice to say things escalate quickly.

Trailer Note: Only watch like 1:50 into the trailer, unless you want the ending spoiled for you.

The movie has a great sense of humour, excellent pacing, and awesome visuals that are reminiscent of Drive. Shots are flooded with neon lighting, and splashes of pop colours which emphasis the “youth on the town” feeling. You know the one, when you’re a teenager and your hanging around town at night and it feels like anything could happen. A sort of freedom, they capture that perfectly.

The music is also 10/10, in fact I stopped writing this post so I could see if the OST is out. It doesn’t appear to be just yet, but the ambient tracks between the regular music did a good job of forcing things along as well.


The movie features a strong emphasis on cellphones and laptops and webcams, the usual jazz that follows our increasingly tech integrated generation. Movies that involve any mention of servers or computers demand more suspension of disbelief from the tech crowd than it does from regular plebs, who won’t know why all the nerds in the cinema are laughing when the films obligatory boffin says with a straight face “I’ve spent a lot of time on the dark net you know!” and then later explains how he COULD change the games source code but only if he has enough bots.

Don’t let that put you off though, this is a fun movie that will leave you coming out of the cinema contemplating doing dangerous shit and putting it on the internet.