Organ Donor

Millions of people fall into this trap in Thailand. None of ’em see it coming either. One more bonus comic this weekend before we’re into our regular schedule of updates on Mondays and Fridays! Tell your friends, hide your wife. However the saying goes. You know the one.

He yiffed All The Yiffing Yiff Berries

Perhaps just stay well away from anything Rule 34 related. It’s a boom industry and you missed the gravy train pulling away from the station. Although if you’re smart you’ll draw a generic Doctor Who in a compromising position with his face missing. Then when the new one is eventually announced you can just impose his…

Teenage Mixed Gender Force Synergy

Because like, Mellanie said she was going to go to the prom with me because she said that Mark and her were totally not a thing anymore after she caught him making out with Jodie even though Jodie said that’s all a total lie made up by Skull King to sow discontent among the Gender…

Mayor Stonelord, Totem of Action

Stonelord wasn’t particularly charismatic on the campaign trail but people relied on his dependable attitude and willingness to face up to the issues of the day with resolute inaction.