Zombie Shroom – Hard Enamel Pin


When the dead rose, one ambitious fungus decided it wanted in on the ground floor. Getting chomped by the undead was no easy task for a mushroom, but after a sight-impaired zombie took a nibble of his noggin, he was set for life. Undeath. Whatever.

Zombie Shroom is a hard enamel pin that wants to spend the rest of its life on your shirt, jacket or bag, just don’t let him get to your head!



Zombie Shroom is a 30mm x 22mm hard enamel pin with a lovely copper finish.

This pin comes with two rubber pin backs, plus an extra one thrown in for luck.
Don’t forget to use the #izscomic hashtag so we can geek out together at Z Shroom’s new home!

Shipping within New Zealand = $4
Australia = $8
Rest of the World = $15

All shipping is flat-rate, order multiple items for a better deal! All prices are in NZD