Earth – 2.0 Sticker Set


The one problem with comics is that you can’t stick them on shit. Well, I tried tying IZS printouts onto my dog as part of a new marketing initiative but instead of being hailed as a visionary, some people took it upon themselves to judge me unfit as a pet owner and now I’ll never see that poor flatulent bastard again.

Stickers, on the other hand, are perfect for sticking on shit. That is how the sticker do. The Earth 2.0 sticker sheet, designed by Izak Flash, will allow some of your most loved characters from the IZS comic to leer over you from whichever vantage point you so choose.

If you’re hankering for stickers that are a little more on the adorable side, you’re gonna love Becky Hunt’s I’m Organic sticker set.

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