Earth 2.0 – IZS Volume 2


Earth 2.0 is the second hand picked selection of comics from IZS, brought from the infospace into the meatworld which you call real life.

Sadly, this 20 strip booklet is not actually made from meat (we’re still living with the consequences of our trial run) but it will still make for almost as interesting a conversation starter as a book carved in quivering flesh. Some would say that IZS tackles the big issues* but we like to think that we scrag the big issues to the ground before kneeing them in the nads a few times and releasing a magnificently well-rounded fart for good measure. If you’re keen for more of this kind of thing (who wouldn’t be?)  you can pick up IZS Volumes 1 & 2 for just a few dollars more. If you later regret your decision, simply leave the booklet in the mailbox of the most uptight, joyless person you know, set up a camera and become internet famous for a week with the resulting “reaction video”. Win-win.

*We’ll get back to you when we find a specific person who actually says this.

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