Break my leg, Break my concentration.

Well here I am at 1am in the morning, Franks teaching Mum, Zak atak, and Wazowski how to play hearts. New in jokes have been spawned. Scratch the side of your head with your whole hand and look away from the respective person you have had an embarrassing conversation with, while making chomping sounds. Thus […]

Franks Soooo Cool Its scary

(“No, Put me,” Says Mum. & we all Know Mums the word.) Hoky poky. So we had more personality tests today. Didn’t learn anything particularly new. Turns out Im a peaceful playful. So I get laxed out and good listeners, and also I love talking and getting in your face. Or so they say, I […]

Homeless People & chalk

Homeless people – I have discovered that if you spend a little more time getting to know your area you also discover its shameful little secrets. Hendersons a nice polished place. All the new structures going up make the place feel all new. Not to mention whoever designed them seem to have a crazed fetish […]

D day – Tminus 1 day

Props to Bolweevil for the Code help to get the tiled background working. While making Blogger easier for regular tamperers, its gotten harder for people who like getting right into the nitty gritty of the code. Ok, Second explanation about this blog. Throughout the year I will also be sharing pictures from around Auckland and […]