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More Tales


Written & Illustrated by Becky Hunt

Winner of the Chroma Art Awards 2019 comics category, this true story has been described by comics legend Dylan Horrocks as “gentle but wrenching”.

The Reaper & the Shovelman

Written By Kristof Haines & Illustrated by Becky Hunt

There are two figures which walk the Silent Wheatfields. One is tall, lithe and graceful, and carries an ice rimed scythe. You know this one already.

The other is the Shovelman.

The Poo Smell

Written & Illustrated by Becky Hunt

A wide, exciting world entices an adventurous smell away from its poo, but along the way it learns the value of having somewhere – or someone – to call home.

Blobby World: My Friends All Hate You

Written & Illustrated By Izak Flash

A comic set in the world of the Blobby folk, where people speak frankly about relationships and monsters try to eat everything in sight.


Written by Matt Rust & Illustrated by Izak Flash

A roadtrip coming of age comic set in an icy post-apocalyptic waste. This is an ongoing project, although by ongoing we just mean half finished.