I’m sure Ian Malcolm would have something to say about all this, but whatever.

We won’t be at Auckland Armageddon tomorrow (or the day after) but our comics will! Kelly Sheehan and Co were total gentlemen and got our stuff on The Earths End Stall. We’re among some real big heavy hitting comics, so you could get our wee offering, or their totally baller stuff, which I recommend over ours.

By the way, if you were ever thinking of making use of our online store feel free to leave us a note along with your order, and we’ll try and accommodate you as best we can. In this particular instance one Frankosaurus Rex of Studmuffin Inc (probably a made up name but that’s what he wrote) demanded that we “put a joke in the bag”. He wanted the comics to colour in, so we got Kristof to write a joke and then we filled it with extra goodies in the form of adult colouring in dicks.


Oh yeah, all orders we try and fill with a few “Don’t Squish Me I’m Organic” bookmarks, so even if you don’t ask for anything else, you’ll still get those. They’re done with silver ink, so they’re super slick.

When you’re reading a book people won’t be interested in what book you’re reading, instead they’ll be like “Woah, what’s that bookmark you’ve got there??”

↓ Transcript
Why’d you put your briefs on so fast?

Afraid that some of your sperm will crawl down your leg, up mine and impregnate me?

9 Months Later

You don't know what I had to go through to be here.