This is a remake of a very very ancient strip from 2013. That’s before IZS was ever a real thing! That was a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and mum still washed my clothes for me! My how things have changed. Now I have to post my clothes to mum if I wanted them washed and folded.

As Becky mentioned in the last strip IZS is a year old now! It’s kind of amazing how far we’ve come in just a single year. I doubt without Kristof ¬†and Becky IZS would have been at three Zinefests in less than a year with two books, two posters, and two sticker sets under our belt. Aren’t we meant to slave for years before having that sort of lineup of merch?

Anyway, this dickjoke comic goes out to everyone who has read and supported us so far. You all rule.

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Deep V-Neck
Super Hard Deep V-Neck