Beware what you say to artists, for they will remember it and use it later. Or, y’know, just roll with it and revel in your 5 minutes of fame. I took the train into work every morning for years until relatively recently and have come across a fair number of incidents, delays and hold-ups over that time – but only once were those delays because of an actual derailment. It was on that less than fateful day (nobody was seriously hurt) that I sent Izak the message above. Evidently it tickled his pickle because he hung onto it for months and eventually brought it out into the world, like a shit-covered rabbit out of a hat.

Somebody once asked me if emotionally rough events are a little more bearable for creatives, because at least we can take all that angst and make something cool or beautiful with it. I honestly don’t have an answer to that question, but I know that being able to forge messed up emotions or incidents into a distilled form has made my life 100% better. Give it a go sometime. It can’t hurt.

↓ Transcript
After my last marriage failed, I thought I knew all about train wrecks.

My commute that morning proved me wrong.