This is one of Izak’s scripts – he did another comic with similar text years ago, stumbled across it and sent it to me. We changed the original up a bit by the time we got to the finished version but the heart of it stayed the same. Personally, I love being able to do that with stuff I create. Who gives a fuck about self-plagiarism when you can take a piece of something you made, and use that piece to create something even better?

Izak Edit: So it turns out Elvis wrote this comic like 62 years ago. So I guess self-plagiarism turned into straight up plagiarism. I’m better at drawing than Elvis though, so he can go take a hike.

↓ Transcript
A girl is in her car, having just dropped a guy off on a city street. She's just pulling away, not looking, as the guy half waves goodbye. It's starting to rain.
Caption: So they went their own ways, he to the left and she to the right.

Second panel continues the action, the guy walks down the footpath, hunching against the growing rain, everyone else around him blurred and sketchy.
Caption: She was right, and he was left all alone.