Sock puppets lead a hard life, but rewarding for those with the passion and lack of loose lint or rough fabrics.

Kristof sent me the script for this one and I knew right away this script was destined for great things. So I threw down my lonely nights sock and got right to work!

Becky, AKA, Lonely Nights Sock V.2 suggested I tell you all how great she is. She’s great!

↓ Transcript
Children are putting on a puppet show.

The two sock puppets are lying limp on the ground. The children’s feet can be seen walking away.
“I feel kind of violated.”
“Yeah, it’s really invasive. They’ll grow out of it though.”

Caption: Years later
The first sock puppet, looking somewhat the worse for wear, is between a pair of hairy legs being grasped by one hand. Its expression is one of sheer horror.