I thought this comic deserved special treatment so we have a colour comic for you today! Isaac graciously gifted this comic idea to me along with his Friday spot (temporarily I promise!). I’ll be back to my usual Wednesday spot next week, we just felt this comic would be better received at the end of the week.

Isaac suggested this would make a cool desktop background so I busied myself making one. I don’t usually like my own art, as a rule I’m overly critical. But guys, this background. This background. Click the image below to download.

Ocean Blues Wallpaper. Izak Smells

So I’m back at work this week *big sigh*. We’ve had an absolutely magical time away with our friends up at Uretiti Beach and then at Whananaki. We got to meet some cool new peeps, swim in crystal clear waters, I got bitten by something with fangs, and we swam in an ocean of bio-luminescence in the pitch of night. It was terrifying.

Now that it is the New Year I can focus my time into freaking out about the next big event for Isaac and I; our wedding.

↓ Transcript
Sometimes, when I'm most at one with nature I think...

...I've got work on Monday.