If you’re new to IZS, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Miserable Comic. Those who’ve stuck with us for a few years have got the swing of our morbid holiday specials – everyone else, sorry for ruining Christmas. But it won’t the be the last time. The IZS crew are entering holiday mode because it’s summer here in New Zealand and by god we’re gonna work on our tans if it kills us. Or, you know, sit inside a tent, reading a doorstop-class scifi or fantasy novel. Mostly that, plus day drinking. The comic will still run on schedule though, and while we personally may be passed out upside down in an obscure but remarkably scenic holiday park somewhere, our art will still be here to keep you feeling a little uncomfortable.

Have a great holiday season everyone!

↓ Transcript
A soot-stained Saint Nick wipes grime from his face with the back of his hand.
Caption: When it all began, watching their faces was such a joy.

He lowers his heavy present sack unsteadily to the ground.
Caption: Even as the years rolled on and the list grew immense, that spark of amazement kept me going.

He steadies himself against something as he kneels to take out a present.
Caption: And tonight as I stand by a billion trees, shaking from sleepless centuries

He bends to place the present under the Christmas tree with a shaking hand. As he reaches down, he bumps an ornament on the tree.
Caption: it still spurs me on. Tomorrow will be wonderful but tonight

The ornament slips from the branch.
Caption: I’m just

It tumbles.
Caption: so

And breaks.
Caption: tired.