We have a complicated relationship with straws. And by that I mean Becky avoids them like the plague and I think of them as a fantastic comedic device.

Since Sir David Attenborough did his thing about straws there’s been an influx of METAL STRAWS. Hey, you know what would be even better than that? HOW ABOUT NO STRAWS. Of course there are exceptions, some people need straws due to medical conditions and situations, you guys are off the hook.

I know that metal straws are somewhat of a mitigating invention, and they’re far classier to recieve at a bar. Oh and they don’t float out and escape the glass like plastic straws do! So that’s another bonus. On the downside I was using one last night at a cocktail event, and I almost stoved in my teeth like three times on one of those bastards.

I have a complicated relationship with straws.