I think the last person on earth will have only know three¬†people tops. I don’t imagine the last person will be someone who worked at McDonald’s and somehow survived the apocolypse. It’ll be this slow decline over a few generations of survivors with a tapering genetic bottleneck until eventually there’s just a couple¬†idiots knocking around eating berries.

Ages ago I saw the trailer for Westworld and went “Aw yeah, this looks like something I could watch.” and recently Kristof took the plunge and came back and told me “You should totally take the plunge.” I took the plunge and holy shit, this show is awesome. A show needs to be pretty damn good at hooking me, as I’d rather be spending my time doing almost anything else, including grinding for a slightly shinier ship in Elite Dangerous. So don’t take it lightly when I say go watch the first episode of Westworld. This isn’t one of those shows where you need to trawl through an entire season “before it gets good.” this is a show that is hot shit right out of the gate. If you dig scifi, or have ever been a game master/dungeon master and enjoyed it, this show is for you. if you’re worried because you don’t know what a gm/dm is then, well, there’s pointy tits just the way you like ’em in your HBO shows.

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"I'm the last of the human race. I call myself... Man Mater."

Join Man Mater on his quest to mate with everything because (as he puts it) "just in case."

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