The Install Wizard, while being a friendly chap who makes all of life’s transitions a little easier, sometimes gets us all into savage situations.

This particular strip went through a good few minor iterations before ending up in its final form. Izak even redid the wand of rebooting, after we decided that it wasn’t quite wandy enough – which I’m pretty glad about to be honest because what he ended up with looks scary as fuck. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with all the snakes (or where most of them went… better not to ask) but I guess if you’re executing a spell and get snakes, you’ve probably gone badly wrong somewhere along the line.

↓ Transcript
(The install wizard is the only one speaking in this strip)

“Hello! I'm the install wizard. I'm here to set up some exciting new features in your life.

Oh. Shit.

I'm sorry. Something went wrong.

Prepare to interface with the wand of rebooting.”