I am a little obsessed with mushrooms. I eat mushrooms in every meal that I can get away with. My favourite piece of jewellery used to be a pair of pink mushrooms that I bought from an indie bar in Hikone, Japan (Beautiful city btw). That necklace died however so I’m currently trying to make my own ceramic versions, I’ll post photos when they’re finished.

We, at Izak Smells, are currently preparing for Hamilton Zinefest. Preparations are in full swing, we’ve been cutting, stamping and wrapping up our double packs, and boy they look neat!


2016-05-03 (1)


Look at all those packs! So if you’re in the area, head down to Hamilton on Saturday the 14th of May (2016) and come find us.

Oh you want the address? What do I look like? Google???
(I actually don’t know the address, I should probably google it myself)

Oh and May the Forth be with you
(because lisps)

↓ Transcript
The caterpillar from Alice and wonderland is sitting atop his large mushroom, smoking his opium and obviously quite high. The mushroom he sits upon has a tiny window and door. The door is open. A small elderly fairy is standing outside, waving his walking stick at the caterpillar.

"Not over my roof, hippie!"