The way I originally wrote this was a bit different, more or less lacking the last panel, and Becky immediately claimed it because it was “so cute”. And then, I… um. I may have made it less cute. With a touch more existential dread. So, sorry about that Becky. People (foolishly) keep telling me to be true to myself and I (foolishly) decided to listen! It won’t happen again. Probably.


↓ Transcript
A disheveled hamster is running frantically on a wheel inside a scummy looking looking cage.
Textbox: This isn’t exercise. It isn’t boredom.

Hammy is running free and ecstatic through lush fields of grass, with butterflies, rainbows, a smiling sun and other magical shit frolicking around him.
Textbox: This is the great escape

An extreme close up on Hammy’s face, back in the cage. We can see the bars of the cage reflected in his shining eye.
Textbox: that little Hammy will never make.