Somehow I think Kite isn’t planning on a one way trip. You know, in spite of his seeming skepticism, I think there’s a kernel of adventure hidden somewhere in Mule-bot’s circuits. He’s hung around with Kite for this long (okay, maybe he didn’t have a lot of choice after they crash landed) and appears to have accepted the fact that his life has taken a sharp turn away from mundane baggage handling. For my own part, this is my way of launching them both into the next stage of their adventure – get ready for some subterranean existential crises, people!

↓ Transcript
Kite and Mule-bot are standing side by side, with crystal skyscrapers rising behind them. Kite is looking determinedly downward.
“I can do it. I can totally do it. Easy.”

Looking up from the bottom of a very deep hole to Kite and Mule-bot far above. The wall of the hole is covered in tangled wires and circuitry.