I had a lot of fun with this comic! Can you tell I want to draw kids books for a job?

I dedicate this comic to my first feminist hero; Babette Cole. Who taught me that princesses can ride bad ass bikes and bugs are awesome to draw.

I’ve been super ill this week with a sucky cold. So sorry there was no live stream of this comic. Next week I promise!

↓ Transcript
Becky: Comic idea, Bird swoops down on worm, “the early bird gets th- oh SHIT! FUCK!
An ungodly hell worm has descended on the bird.
The smaller worm look jubilant, the larger worm winks at the smaller worm.
They fly off into the sunset
Kristof: I like it. I almost wonder if the little worm needs to say something. "Bless you, Early Worm!"
Becky: Perfect!!!