You don’t have to have a kid of your own to know that half-formed humans are mostly composed of biohazardous slime. Sure, you have a few different kinds but they’re all essentially slime. And these precious little poosacs are not shy about sharing their most abundant resource. Gives parents just enough of a immune booster to almost compensate for the fatigue factor. I’d like to think though that it would be at least a tiny consolation if the germs really were as adorable as Becky draws them. I mean, they’ll still make you sick. But their little helmets though…

↓ Transcript
A bunch of goopy, blobby creatures with military helmets are steeling themselves for their next mission.
“Colonial Team One, prepare for launch in 3, 2, 1…”

A baby sneezes directly into their parent’s face. A small speech bubble rises from a gob of snot near the parent’s eye.
“Entry point acquired!”