Black holes swallow planets, and rats eat baby birds, truly from the top down nature is a wonderful thing.

New in store this week is our Merbabes sticker set which you can get right here. Our mate next door, Big Ben, bought an iPad Pro on the proviso that we’d get some use out of it. So anytime he isn’t using it for his DnD campaigns we get to play on it. Honestly it’s been a great tool to use and both Merbabes and Gay Pride sticker sets were made using the Pro.

Personally I still prefer to draw on the Cintiq Pro 16, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a downgrade using the iPad. If you were in the market for a tablet that you can draw straight onto then I’d definitely recommend it. It’s definitely a lot less fuss to set up than the Cintiq, and I never need to worry about resetting drivers and shit all the time to re-enable sensitivity.

Price wise it’s half the cost of the Cintiq as well. As a Wacom user it’s sorta scary to see it’s spot get challenged by Apple, but hopefully it will make the marketplace a bit more competitive so kids wanting to get into the digital drawing game don’t need to shell out as much as they have been.