You don’t hear much about sirens with awful voices, probably because they’re incredibly rare and generally short lived. A sultry singing voice isn’t just a fringe benefit for the siren species – it’s a survival necessity. They literally have to sing for their supper. Of course, there’s going to be the odd mutant or evolutionary throwback who’s blessed with less than dulcet tones – and for these lovely ladies, inducing self slaughter really is their only path to a tasty treat of long pork.

↓ Transcript
A sailor is enthralled by the sight of a seductive looking Siren, and is willing to trade his life for a piece of that.
“*gasp* It’s a super sexy Siren… watery grave, here I come!”

Then the Siren opens her mouth.

The sailor holds his hands over his ears in agony.
“Oh God, drown me now.”