I live in a house with a baby, which means that on occasion I’m treated to frankly impressive vocal displays. To calm the kid down, her father (a good friend of mine) sings Semisonic’s Closing Time to her. He has done this since the day she was born and it’s honestly pretty adorable. Though as she grows older and less prone to constant crying, this happens less and less. A little while ago I heard him singing to her again, and expressed the sentiment in the comic to my wife. She teared up instantly, and I knew I had to put it in a strip.

↓ Transcript
A father is holding his crying baby daughter in his arms, singing to comfort her.
Textbox: One day he’ll sing her to sleep

It’s worked. She is sleeping now with a look of deep peace on her tiny face. The father looks on with an expression of love and happiness.
Textbox: and won’t realise it’s for the very last time.