I think this year I’ll make a bit more of an effort of showing you guys our B-Sides  this year. This includes salvaging scripts that Kristof lovingly spells right and that I shoot down immediately. I try to tell him to keep them but he’s not very sentimental when it comes to the things he creates. I put this down to writing being almost valueless because of how easy it is. *sagely nods*

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Also did you notice that It’s Wednesday and I’m not Becky! We’re mixing things up a little and she’s taking my Friday slot this week. It’s not even because she hasn’t drawn it yet or anything. It’s just super special and makes more sense to post on Friday for RL chronological reasons. So go ahead and get your hopes up.

↓ Transcript
The Sea, she calls to me.

Hey baby! I’ll show my clams if you show yours.