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Ah, it’s depressing Wednesdays, folks! Don’t worry, Becky and Izak have both realised the need to rein in the angstmonster that is Kristof, so next week you’ll probably be in for something cute to soothe your souls. Probably. No guarantees. Boy, I know how to build an audience…

I’ve been getting progressively more brutal with the art requirements that I chuck at these guys recently and am continually surprised at how they keep up. Kristof: “Can you draw a flock of elegant alien monsters flying over a park in the middle of a crystal city? By the way, the park is a circuitboard-like labyrinth made up of head high walls.” Izak: “Fuckin’ sure.” And with today’s one, I just handed the words to Becky and basically said, “Make it good.” And she did. I may have overstepped the mark with comment below though.

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