I sketched this one out while being taken out on my future father-in-laws boat. I even drew his model of yacht! To you know, make the reality strike home or something. But seriously we had a great time getting shown the ropes (literally).

I’m writing this on my PC, which is having a little bit of a fit. I managed to draw this one sans-graphics card. Pretty much the PC is loosing connection to the card, but of all things we’ve managed to trace the problem back to my secondary HDD doing something dodgy (possibly the power supply not providing power to everything properly?). Suffice to say I’ve made of copy of all my source drawing files onto my primary SSD. I couldn’t imagine anything more devastating than loosing 32 gigs worth of drawings I’ve done since 2009 (possibly even earlier).

↓ Transcript
Ok guys, put on your seatbelts!

We are having an accident.