I had a lot of fun drawing fattest, most ungainly hedgehog for Kristof’s comic this week. It took my mind off the pain of being separated from my fiancé, who has been running round Vegas for a week having oh so much fun. I should hopefully get him back in one piece on Thursday.

I like to think Kristof humours me with these cute scripts. We all know he’d rather have Boots jump in stage right and rip poor Mr Pudgehog to soft, wet, hoggy pieces. He dials it back, crossing out paragraphs of meticulously detailed gore while chanting ‘Becky likes cute things, Becky likes cute things.’ Softly batting away a loose feather from the stuffed vulture that watches over him as he writes at his 300 year old mahogany desk. He’ll type up an alternative version of the script that he’ll put in his desk drawer for later, always later.

One day that desk drawer will grow ripe.

↓ Transcript
A hedgehog sees a human foot approach.
*gasp* “Danger! Deathball mode, ACTIVATE.”

The hedgehog curls up into a ball, with its face and feet facing upward. It rocks back and forth, scrabbling its feet desperately and adorably, trying to get on a roll. “Hnnnnngggg”

The human looks adoringly at the hedgehog curled up in front of it.
“Oh my god, it’s trying to roly poly!”
“Fear my bristley wrath!”