I’ve never related to a parrot so much in my life.

We recently went to a bird rescue and we got to witness the amazing work they do for local wildlife and pets in need. There was a parrot there which I believe inspired Isaac to write this comic. He cheerfully greeted us with a chipper, “hello!” as we walked in. I, taken back by a greeting from a non human and maybe a little by his chest bare of feathers, took a moment to respond, “hello” I said. “Hello!” replied the bird again, excited to have someone to talk with. “Hello,” I responded once more. This could take some time. Luckily we were interrupted by the staff at the centre.

I never did say goodbye.

↓ Transcript
Hi I'm a parrot

I pull my feathers out cause I'm anxious

It's to let people know

I feel as bad on the inside

As I look on the outside

Alt: who's a pretty boy