This is the firstborn of a new initiative we’re trying: IZS Greenlight. Basically if we want to test out a strip that we think might not work, Izak does a rough and ready version of it, then chucks it up on Imgur to gauge a response. If people seem to connect with it, we’ll redo it for Izak Smells. It allows us to try stuff that we might not normally; here’s hoping that we’ll see many a strip out of it in future that otherwise could have died in infancy.

By the way folks, this is our 100th Izak Smells strip! It feels like that happened really fast, and even more excited about the future of Izak Smells now than I was when it all began. 😀

↓ Transcript
"You must plant your SEED brothers and sisters, plant it in FAITH and it shall GROW into a mighty tree bearing FRUIT. I'm talking about money. Give me your money."