Pillow talk is dreaded in this household due to all the nasty things the pillow has to say. Not even nasty good! Nasty bad! And not nasty bad good either! Nasty bad awful! Fortunately neither kids nor people who spend their living coming up with new words for “sexy” have twisted the meaning of “awful” yet or that would go on far longer than it need to.

I just saw Kristof’s play earlier today. It started with him reenacting¬†what I normally watch him doing for real. Very convincing! I was almost fooled, but then I told myself “No! There’s no way Kristof could stay that still in front of so many people for that long!”


And hark, I was correct! He danced around admirably for the next hour or so almost without fail! The Dumb Waiter is a story you’d probably be familiar with, as the excellent In Bruges¬†takes a lot of it’s cues from the play.

Even so there was some confusing bits which I demanded Kristof to “Come outside and explain yourself!”

He did. To the best of his abilities.

↓ Transcript
I'm going to smother you while you're sleep.

The dark side to pillow talk